Active Listening

This half-day course is designed to introduce the concept of Active Listening and give participants a toolbox full of Active Listening techniques:

  •   Be in the “Right Place
  •   Check the Speaker’s Emotions
  •   Don’t Interrupt
  •   Encourage the Speaker
  •   Repeat what the Speaker Said

Many students who take the course are astonished to find that they haven’t always been “listening” actively.  Better listeners will find that they can build trust and persuasiveness through genuine Active Listening.  

This half—day course is a very frank look at the difficult situations we all face in the work place.  We often only look at it as “Dealing with Difficult People.”  But in truth, we must get beyond the “personal” level and begin to see this as a difficult situation that both parties must face in an adult way.

That means taking the time to step back and assess not only the person you are dealing with, but your own behavior when confronted with a difficult situation.

There are host of tools you can use to help you resolve conflict.  But both parties must participate.  Here’s the course creed:  “Old behaviors will not take you in new directions!”